This is reason I don’t much upload photos to flickr.

I know many people seeing my photos in flickr. About older than one year ago photos are mainly related to the society issues. So it’s understandable.
Because I don’t shy about what I am writing.
But recent photos are quite different. Because I am trying to learn about the photography.
And I was quite shocked because some of those photos also have 300 to 1,000 views. You can see it from here.

And my self-portrait photo also got more than 1,000 views.

So I felt quite shy about many people have seen my photos.
It made me happy? Not really.
Because many Koreans read some of my writings so I don’t much care about the fame-ness or something.
It’s good feeling, of course.

It made me very serious about the upload photos. Because I would prefer worth to see kind of photos rather than just one time seeing photo.
So I hope that people felt something from my photos-It probably will not happen because my writing is always my main priority so….

p.s. Most of my photos in flickr were taken with Nokia phone. I don’t think anyone noticed it.

You are glad to limit your imagination!?

You shouldn’t limit your imagination. But you are happy to limit your imagination to 3.5 to 10 inch iPhone, smartphone or tabletPC screen. will shutdown.

This is what I wrote to my twitter account.

#Springpad Interesting idea and it could better. But painful to use & horribly slow. Managing the text is that hard?!

If you’d like to know what I mean, you can simply install #Ted text editor in #playstore. And then run it. & run the #Springpad. compare it.

They had some interesting ideas and it went well.

But they took same mistake path like poor performance in fundamentally important thing. However you try to change, is basically text editor. So if it lose competency in fundamental thing, people won’t try to use it much.

It means company will lose their customers.


Many gadget lovers are living in their own small world.

What a ridiculous idea. If I’m not doing in wedding photography, I am not a professional photographer?

Get out of your narrow-minded world.
He or she was talking like looking down photographers who don’t use mention the product. People use product their needs, not by your choice.

No wonder there has movie call the ‘The Matrix’.

Unfortunate happen in human society…farewell to the

Unfortunate happen in human society. So I should say #farewell to the #isoHunt. #p2pSearchEngine #BitTorrent

Why? Because Knowledge became more powerful than ever in digital age which develop more and more society divided issues. #moneymakesmoney

These lawsuit will bring down these things and poor people will never get chance to improve themselves. Who cares about poor people, right?


Flickr in Seoul meetup at the Eungbongsan for night shoot

This is what it looked like in up there.

Night in Seoul, view from the Eungbongsan with sepia tone

Night in Seoul, view from the Eungbongsan with sepia tone

You can also check out some of panorama photos from Emre Kanik–Sunset at the Han River and Enjoying the View of the Han River.


Some of FIS(Flickr in Seoul) members are trying to do night shoot this Saturday, November 9 at 5:00pm-ish. And we can do night walk, too, if you want to.

We will meet at the Oksu station line 3 exit 2. And then we will walk to the Eungbongsan. This mountain is like hill so you don’t have to worry about the going up.
And it should better to buy things or eat before go up.

If the weather is going to bad, I will probably postpone the meetup but it probably wasn’t going to raining heavily in Autumn so very unlikely.

There has other possibilities such as go down to the river for taking photo of bridge or night hiking through ‘서울 산책로’. Or go to the Donghodaegyo ‘동호대교’.
Or if you have more time and want some more, we can go to the other scenic viewpoint, too.

Anyway, I think this scenic viewpoint is one of most spectacular cityscape viewpoint in Seoul.
If you can imagine the location from google map, you will get the idea.

* the night bus information near area
If your home is Gangnam, Daechi, Gaepo, Seongnam or Bundang area, there has night buses such N37, 402 at the ‘순천향대학병원’ Soonchunhyang university hospital bus station.
And some of red buses such as 1005-1, 5500 still going to Sooji or Jeongja area until 1:00am (or 1:50am or possibly 2:00am) because their last bus’ departure time is around 12:30am.

** I forgot to mention that this is weekday bus schedule for red bus so last red bus could be more earlier than what I mentioned.

Possibilities of revert to old Nokia.

It’s pointless to saying these kind of things now. But I will just write it for record. So I will just write some steps only, not details.

Let people make aware of Nokia was back.

Workers in the company sue Board-of-directors and Stephen Elop and others who intentionally plan to sell Nokia (with bargain price, more specifically a penny).

Workers didn’t plan to join Microsoft, they were joined for Nokia which means include Symbian.

Actually, it wasn’t important step but this can make people to aware about the Nokia.

Other stunt which related to next step, is Nokia should trying to buy HTC.

I will explain why.

Nokia should make Symbian handset. But not only that.

Nokia should make devices for Symbian and Meego again. And Android, too.

But that’s not all. Even make Windows phone. Why not?

HTC doing that. Samsung doing that. LG doing that. So why not?

And Symbian and Meego is open source and open platform(I know there has some issues but still..) and Android is open source and open platform.

So what’s the problem with make all the open platform, right?

And one good thing is that Stephen Elop made Nokia to OEM Nokia manufacturer–This is why Microsoft can buy Nokia for a penny. You can read details here: Conspiracy is just conspiracy. Are you sure?

So Nokia has really advantage for this step.

Nokia already became OEM manufacturer so why not buy other similar company like HTC, right?

And if Nokia tries to buy HTC, people will aware that Nokia is back.

Of course, meanwhile Nokia should support Symbian and Meego to grow.

Symbian and Meego are open platform so they should open for other handset maker.

Symbian did that last time but Nokia was dominated whole Symbian market so Symbian doesn’t need other handset maker.

Now it changed everything. So this is the time that Symbian and Meego can go their own and open the platform to all the handset maker.

Whether you believe it or not. Symbian(and Meego) still has their own strength.

I wrote this article about three years ago. And I’ve played with newer version of Android.

And it reminds me that I can’t use Android phone as my primary phone after two years of upgraded Android OS. Because what I’ve mention in the article.

My phone is Nokia N8 and I didn’t upgrad it to Belle which is newer version OS because I am satisfying with not-so-newer-OS.

You can read it here: Nokia could do far better with their customer. (Part 1 of ..) @ February 12, 2011

This is a good thing to customers, too. Because people can have variety of choices for open platform.

Diversity is a good thing in human society. That’s what I believe.

I know…

there has so many issues and it’s too late.

I can see Android platform has huge potential but interesting thing is Symbian and Meego, too.

Because I believe majority of people can’t be a geek. And even if it did, it doesn’t matter because people don’t want to wasting time playing with the phone.